lunes, julio 27

Valparaíso - Casa Liesel (english)

This weekend, my boyfriend and I took off to Valparaíso (Chile) to attend a friend's B-day party. Since neither of us knows our way around Valparaíso, we searched for a budget hostel or B&B in Cerro Alegre -near where we'd be at- in order to avoid having to grab a cab at 3 a.m.

On the internet, we found Casa Liesel B&B (Bed and Breakfast) in Cerro Alegre. We were unable to find any reviews on this B&B, but decided to take a chance and booked a room for the night anyway. Turns out, it paid to take this chance, since we had a great experience. (bear in mind, we were looking for budget accommodation -max. 20 USD per person-, which means we wanted a clean, comfy bed to sleep and couldn't care less about luxuries)

Casa Liesel is in Almirante Montt 327, in the corner of a very pronounced curve (VERY easy to find). It is an old house (a historical building, in fact) with about 8 rooms for 1 to 4 people each. The bedrooms are simple and pretty, carpeted, with warm colors and equipped with the beds, nightables, closet, chair and a small desk. The en suite room is GIGANTIC; the other ones are smaller but big enough to move around and leave your stuff. Most importantly: they are TIDY AND CLEAN.

Given that nights in July tend to be cold (0°- 5°C / 32º - 41º F) and we had no references on this place, we decided to take a sleeping bag with us to use as an extra blanket, in case we got cold during the night. The sleeping bag ended up being a waste of space, since we didn't even take it out of the bag. The bedlinen (an essential item for me) was impeccably clean; the sheets were in good shape, and the blankets and the bedspread were really, really warm. The matress and the pillows were extremely comfortable and in great condition as well (honestly, is there anything worse than sleeping with a rogue spring poking at your nether regions??).

Bathrooms are shared (no private bathrooms), but the ratio of bathrooms and shower stalls per guest is a good one, so this should not be a problem. The bathrooms and shower stalls are also very clean and tidy (another MUST for me), and the water is warm and with good pressure to take a shower.

Breakfast (served until 11 a.m.) is included in the price, and it's good and abundant.

Guests can come and go with no hour restriction, since they receive a keyset to open the doors and can thus come and go as they please.

All in all, my boyfriend and I really loved this place and were sorry to leave. It marked a good beginning of our short stay in valparaíso... it's easy to see that Don Miguel and Mrs. Amalia care about their B&B and look after it, to turn it into a nice place to stay in and help make their guests' visit to Valparaíso an event well worth remembering.

We, at least, plan on going back before the year is over.

HAPPY Moira :)

Contact Casa Liesel:
Landline: (+56 32)2495958
Mobile: (+56 09) 94972459
E-mail: casaliesel [at]